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Just like our Tea Guides in-store and Virtual Tea Guides online, Davi can help you shop, discover new collections, stay in the loop with the latest tea-making accessories, and so much more.

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Whether you’re new to tea or are searching for a specific blend, Davi will make sure you find just the thing to satisfy your tea cravings. Our virtual TeaBot can help you shop by flavour profile, caffeine level, tea type, benefit and certification.


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How do I make iced tea?
Can I talk to someone?
How do I make iced tea?
Our rule of thumb is to double the amount when making iced tea. If you use 1 Perfect Spoon for your hot tea, use 2 if you're icing it. Steep your tea in half the amount of water, and pour over ice. The melted ice will account for the half of the water used
Iced tea (Cold Brew teas included!) should be consumed within 3 days.
Can I talk to someone?
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