How to make a
hot matcha latte

Whisk your way to a hot cup of frothy focus.

Make a barista-style green tea latte

Energizing, detoxifying, focus-boosting & delicious – a well-made matcha latte is what frothy tea dreams are made of. At first glance, making your own at home might seem out of your league, but we promise it’s really not. All you need is matcha, a whisk, frothed milk & a few friendly tips from us.

Which matcha is best as a latte? You can make your green tea latte using any one of our blends – from traditional picks like Matcha Matsu & Grand Cru to flavoured favourites like Vanilla Matcha & Maple Matcha. There really is no “best”. It’s all comes down to a matter of preference.

What you’ll

Step 1

Measure your matcha

Measure your prefered matcha using the DavidsTea Perfect Matcha Spoon – a spoon designed to help measure your green tea powder correctly. Just scoop 2-3 Perfect Matcha Spoons (approx. 1 teaspoon) of traditional matcha or 5-6 Perfect Matcha Spoons (approx. 2.5 teaspoons) of flavoured matcha into a matcha bowl (or any small bowl you have on hand).

Step 2

Add warm water & make a paste

With your matcha measured & ready to go, it’s now time to add 1/4 cup (2 oz) of warm water from your kettle. You’ll want your water a warm 75-85°C (170-185°F) – any hotter and you run the risk of burning your matcha & giving it a bitter taste. Finally, whisk your matcha into a smooth, clump-free paste.
(75 C|170F for traditional and 85C|185F for flavoured matcha.)

Don’t have a thermometer?
Let your boiled kettle sit for 7-10 minutes before using.

Step 3

Whisk to create froth

Add the remaining 2 oz of warm water to your matcha paste and start whisking to suspend the particles and incorporate some air into your drink (aka create froth).

How to whisk matcha like a pro.
Briskly whisk your matcha in an “M” formation going from the bottom of the bowl and working your way up towards the surface until the matcha reaches a smooth consistency and a layer of foam appears.

Step 4

Pour into mug & add milk

Pour the frothed matcha green tea into your favourite 16 oz mug and top with foamy milk. done.

Pro tip: Use a large spoon to hold back the foam and allow the liquid to pour in first. As the liquid runs out, release the spoon to let the foam fill the balance of the cup

Top with milk for the finishing touch.
1% or 2% or whole milk, doesn’t matter. In fact, why not make your green tea latte a plant-based drink by using soy, almond, oat or even coconut milk. Sometimes tea can take on a different flavour, depending on the type of milk you choose. Have fun & experiment.

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