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  • Matcha Boosted Collection

    Four tasty loose leaf blends dusted with energizing and super-healthy green tea...

  • Feel Amazing Teas

    Feel like a million bucks with four benefit-packed blends in collectible...

  • The Wellness Collection

    These benefit-packed limited edition teas will have you feeling...

  • Cleanse Teas

    Ready to hit the reset button? Kickstart your cleanse with three detoxifying...

  • Relax Teas

    Feeling stressed? Breathe deeply and steep these three ultra-chill...

  • Radiant Teas

    Sip yourself radiant with six teas packed with complexion-loving...

  • Calm Teas

    Stressed? Chill out with six soothing...

  • The Modern Matcha Essentials

    We’ve given our matcha must-haves a modern twist. Includes spoon, bowl and...

  • Reinvented Classics Mini Sachet Tea Chest

    Four stellar teas in convenient sachet format you’ll want to sip all year...

  • David’s Top 12

    A collection of our twelve most popular teas, in a beautiful bright teal...

  • Sweet Indulgence

    A collection of 12 teas that satisfy your sweet...

  • Caffeine free teas

    This beautiful gift box contains 12 of our favourite caffeine free...

128 results / Page 1 of 11