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Coconut Bites with Chocolate Macaroon

Coconut Bites with Chocolate Macaroon


Infused with Chocolate Macaroon tea, these fudgy coconut treats are the bomb.

Crush your cravings

Got a case of the munchies? Treat your sweet tooth to our decadent coconut bites. Rich, fudgy and packed with creamy coconut, these little drops of heaven are the ultimate afternoon craving crusher. Especially since they come infused with our irresistible Chocolate Macaroon tea – a nutty black tea blend with pecans, cacao nibs and toasted coconut. Craving status: satisfied.

Net weight: 39 g / 1.4 oz

Ingredients: Coconut, agave nectar, cacao liquor, coconut syrup, vanilla extract, Himalayan pink salt. With Chocolate Macaroon tea (black tea, coconut, pecans, cacao nibs, rock cane sugar, natural flavouring). Contains pecans and coconut.