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DavidsTea is powered by tea-obsessed
friends who want to share the love.

Tea for everyone

Tea-obsessed since 2008, DavidsTea exists purely for tea perfection. We’re on the ground worldwide in search of well-crafted, single-origin loose leaf teas to share with our North American community. We’re pushing limits in new tea frontiers with our blends. We want to it to be as easy as possible to discover, explore and feel better through tea.

Doing business right

We have friends and partners across the planet, including
many family-owned tea gardens.

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Certified Organic

Going organic is a great way to support our planet, and DavidsTea is home to one of the largest organic tea collections in North America. So why aren't we 100% Organic? Simply put, many of the ingredients we love, such as willow bark, just aren't available as Certified Organic in the quality and quantities we need. Getting Organic Certification is a rigorous process, and not all farms have the resources or capacity to do it. At the same time, purchasing Organic helps encourage farmers to make the transition to more eco-friendly practices. It's a long process with many rigorous steps, but we're dedicated to making it happen.

Right now, 30% of our tea collection is Organic. We want to increase this to 50% organic by 2023.

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Fair Trade CertifiedTM

Fair is fair. But this logo represents more than fair wages & ethical treatment for farmers. Our products marked Fair Trade Certified™ contribute to a Community Development Fund – putting money directly into the hands of tea and farming communities so they can use it democratically on whatever improvements they see fit.

Right now, 4% of our teas are Fair Trade. We want to increase this to 6% by 2022.

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Elephant Approved®

This lovely non-profit works with tea gardens to create conditions where humans and endangered elephants can live (and grow) safely together. It's about promoting safer, more sustainable farming practices while shielding elephants from habitat change.

Today, 2% of our teas are Elephant Approved; we want to increase this to 3% by 2022.

Conflict & cruelty-free
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Conflict & cruelty-free ingredients

We're proud to share that 87% of our collection is vegan! When crafting unique, complex blends, it can be challenging to source vegan-friendly ingredients. We obsessively seek out alternatives, like milk-free chocolate, to keep our rich palette of flavours exciting and accessible to everybody.

Steeped in our community

Tea has this magical way of bringing people together –
and not just around a table. Our community of tea
people is always growing and evolving.

Our stores

Our stores are still the best place to smell, taste and experience the magic of loose leaf tea. Come talk to us, meet new people, build friendships and make connections.

Tea Tasting Club

Find your tea-party people on our private Facebook group, where thousands of fellow tea-lovers and experts chat chai. One rule: Bring your positive-tea!

Community Engagement

Making in-kind donations and promoting tea culture with community events are central to how we make sure tea is for everyone. In tea regions, and where we have stores, we have a network of partners who help make sure what we do has the most impact.

Frequent Steeper

Passionate about our teas? Join our Frequent Steeper program, and you’ll earn rewards points on every in-store or online purchase to put towards even more delicious (free) tea!

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