Give clean water

Thanks to you, DAVIDsTEA + ME to WE has given a year of clean water to over 34,306 people so far! We’re thrilled to be continuing our amazing partnership and can’t wait to steep more positive change for World Water Month. Want to make an impact? Every purchase of ME to WE Tea and accessories helps bring clean water to developing communities in Kenya.

Find the perfect tea

  1. Kosher
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  • Just Beet It

    We squeezed all the sweetness of beetroot into this energizing blend of maté, apple, goji and blackberries. Hot or...

  • Orange Glow

    This freshly pressed tonic of carrot, orange and ginger is so vibrant, it’ll have people asking what your secret is....

  • Pear Blossom

    This mouthwatering infusion balances the sweetness of Anjou pears with papaya, pineapple and a floral kiss of sunflower...

  • Wild Strawberry

    What makes this juicy blend of strawberry, hibiscus and vanilla so wild? We spiked it with a refreshing sprig of...

  • Honeycrisp Apple

    Bring a taste of the orchard home with this juicy, fruit-packed green...

  • ME to WE tea

    A tea that gives back to a developing community in...

  • Magic Potion

    This magical blend of berries and butterfly pea flowers changes colour with lemon...

  • Red, White & Blue

    Party hard with this tart, juicy brew of coconut, watermelon and cornflower...

  • Pura Vida

    Kick back and enjoy life with this fruity blend of green tea, pineapple and...

  • Berries & Cream Matcha

    Dreaming of berries and cream? This fruity blend of stone-ground matcha, creamy vanilla and mixed berry is smooth as...

  • Hawaiian Punch Matcha

    This lively blend of powdered green tea and tropical fruit flavour packs a...

  • Honeydew Matcha

    Escape to paradise with this fruity blend of juicy melon, matcha and cane...

15 results / Page 1 of 2