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Our obsession with matcha has led us to create over twenty different ones. From traditional to flavoured and organic—there’s a matcha for everyone.

From Japan to
your cup

Our matcha is sourced from the historic tea-cultivating region of Nishio in Japan’s Aichi prefecture. Nishio matcha is considered among the best in the world.




The triple threat

We’ve carefully categorized our beautiful greens into three categories.

& ceremoniaL

Traditional matchas are refreshing, a little sweet and a lot vegetal. Ceremonial is a whole other story. The highest grade you can get, ceremonial matcha is deliciously smooth, delicately sweet and luxuriously creamy.


Our organic matchas are sourced from a certified tea garden. They adhere to strictly-regulated growing processes, which extend to how the ingredients are handled, processed, stored & sold.


From fresh & fruity to rich & dessert-like, our flavoured matchas are made on a base of top-quality traditional Matcha Matsu. Most are sweetened with pure cane sugar or coconut nectar and then infused with natural flavouring for a pop of flavour.

Our matcha
is quali-tea

Higher quality grades deliver smoother taste, better mouth feel, and (to be blunt) don’t taste like dirt. The leaves that go into our matchas are shade-grown—for up to 4 weeks—which explains their great taste & signature bright green colour.

Pro tip: If your matcha is anything but bright green, you don’t want it in your mug.

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Sure, we love the taste—but the list of benefits that come with every sip are off the page.

Let’s bust some
matcha myths

There’s no right way,
just the right tools.

It’s all about personal preference. If you’re tradish you’ll prefer a whisk. If you can’t be bothered, go for a frother. Or (our favourite) shake it to make it with a Matcha Maker.

Four ways to make
your matcha

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