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Rosy Pink Lock Top Travel Mug

Rosy Pink Lock Top Travel Mug


This cute travel mug with a flip-open lid is the perfect way to cozy up this season.

Got it on lock

This sleek little travel mug is so clever, we can’t believe we didn’t think of it sooner. It has a flip-open lid with a little slide lock to keep it tightly closed – meaning it’s as bag-friendly as can be. And of course it’s 100% leakproof and keeps your tea hot and toasty for ages. Meaning it might just be the perfect on-the-go travel mug. It also comes with a large, super-fine stainless steel infuser with a mesh bottom to give your tea leaves plenty of room to expand. The best part? It’s oh-so easy on the eyes – especially in these chic, limited edition seasonal colours. Lock and load! BPA free.

Capacity: 414 mL / 14 oz.

Hand wash only. Not microwave safe.
Do not freeze.
Do not use bleach or chlorine based cleaners.

How to use

Step 1
  • Remove lid and unlatch infuser.
Step 2
  • Fill infuser with tea and reattach to lid.
Step 3
  • Slowly pour in water until travel mug is full.
Step 4
  • Cover with lid and steep tea as usual.
Step 5
  • Once infusion is done, remove and empty infuser.