detox teas

Whether you over-indulged last night or just want to reboot your system, there’s nothing like the detoxifying power of tea to get you feeling like a lean, clean, resolution-keeping machine.

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  • Zestfully Green

    Start fresh with this energizing blend of citrus, ginger and benefit-packed...

  • Lemon Cayenne Cleanse

    With tart lemon and a hint of cayenne, this is the master of all cleansing...

  • Organic The Skinny

    With pu'erh, ginger, eleuthero and oolong, it's the ultimate digestive...

  • Grand Cru Matcha

    This extra-fine, creamy matcha is one of the highest grades you can...

  • Organic Detox

    A rejuvenating blend of rooibos sencha, ginger, ginkgo, lemongrass and...

  • Organic Silken Pu'erh

    With notes of cocoa and dried fruit, this earthy pu’erh goes down like liquid...

  • Happy Kombucha

    A blend of oolong, mango, pineapple and powdered...

  • Organic Sweet Ginger Heat

    A sweet and spicy blend of ginger, green tea, licorice and orange...

8 result(s)