Start a new ritual with our limited edition Wellness Collection — the most delicious way to step your game up in 2018. From herbal teas to get you ready for a good night’s sleep to the focus enhancing powers of green tea, prepare to Get. It. Done.

Lemon cayenne cleanse

Kick things up a notch with the master of all cleansing teas. Bursting with tart lemon and a hint of cayenne pepper, it’s pure fire.

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teas to get it done

You’ve got goals. Big ones. And for all those deadline-hitting, healthy-living, face-glowing, personal-best-shattering dreams, we’ve got the teas you need — and are really gonna want.

new feel-good accessories

Exercise. Eat healthy(ish). Stay in bed a little longer. And treat yourself to these lovely limited edition kits and accessories, so you can channel your inner wellness guru anytime, anywhere.

benefits of tea mixing

Have you tried boosting your fave herbal infusion with a benefit-packed pure leaf tea? Get inspired by these feel-good combos and start customizing your cup for maximum health vibes.

out of sick days

Soothing relief + antioxidants & energy

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dinner party

Digestive aid + focus & alertness

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post workout

Iceable refreshment + insta-radiance

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spa day

Complexion boost + stress relief

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study session

Brain boost + focus & energy

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after dinner treat

Sweet treat + digestive aid

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tea benefit cheat sheets

Your at-a-glance guides to our fave feel-good teas and ingredients for every goal.

what’s your tea ritual?

Check out these tips and tricks for getting the most out of our feel-good blends.


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