Gaba Guava

Gaba Guava
Gaba Guava
Gaba Guava
Gaba Guava

How it tastes

Juicy and invigorating, with tropical notes of ripe guava, pineapple and coconut

Gaba Guava


Green Tea
Low Caffeine

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Product Actions

15-20 cups (8 oz/240 ml) of hot tea
10-15 cups (8 oz/240 ml) of iced tea

Listen up, Brainiac. This tropical blend of ripe guava, pineapple and coconut is made with GABA, a next-level green tea that’s said to boost focus and brain function. It’s fruity, energizing and mouthwateringly juicy. Brew a cup before your next brainstorm or study sesh and get ready to fire up those neurons!

What makes it great

  • GABA has been known to lower stress levels, improve sleep and boost brain function.
  • GABA tea is already a favourite in Japan – well-loved for its high concentration of amino acids and focus and relaxation benefits.
  • Perfect for your next brainstorm or study sesh.

Product Specifications

Guava, Pineapple (pineapple, sugar), Apple (apple, citric acid), GABA green tea, Green tea, Papaya (papaya, sugar), Coconut rasps, Orange peel, Orange blossoms, Red currants, Safflower blossoms, Natural guava flavouring.
Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts
Product No.


1-2 Perfect Spoonfuls of tea
475 ml (16 oz) of 85/185 water for hot tea or 295 ml (10 oz) for iced
Steep for 3-4 minutes
Sip hot or top with ice for iced tea