Jasmine Oolong

Jasmine Oolong
Jasmine Oolong
Nutrition Facts

Jasmine Oolong


Oolong tea
Medium Caffeine
20-39 mg per cup

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Some flowers bloom but once a year, but this refreshing floral oolong tea is a perennial favourite. Made from Taiwanese oolong, its creamy base melds perfectly with the aromatic jasmine blossoms for a blend that’s as sweet as springtime itself. Bloomin’ good? We certainly think so.

How it tastes

Creamy, refreshing, delicate and lightly floral

What makes it great

  • Oolongs like this one can be re-steeped multiple times, with each cup providing a new dimension of flavour.
  • Need a moment of zen? Jasmine’s calming floral scent is used in aromatherapy to lift the spirits and boost creativity.
  • This is our only scented oolong.

2 oz of this tea makes around 10-12 16 oz cups of hot tea and 5-7 16 oz cups of iced tea.

Product Specifications

Oolong tea from Taiwan, scented with jasmine flowers.
Product No.


1-2 Perfect Spoonfuls of tea
475 ml (16 oz) of 90/195 water for hot tea or 295 ml (10 oz) for iced
Steep for 4-5 minutes
Sip hot or top with ice for iced tea