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  • Caramel Shortbread

    Shortbread fans will love this buttery blend of willow bark, almond and...

  • Pumpkin Chai

    A sweet black tea spiced with caramel, pumpkin candies, cinnamon and...

  • Wild Strawberry

    Walk on the wild side with this juicy blend of strawberry, rosemary and...

  • White Cranberry Bark

    Get your holiday fix with this infusion of white chocolate and tart...

  • Sour Watermelon

    Get ready to pucker up with this refreshingly tart and juicy watermelon...

  • Mint Chip Sundae

    This sweet, frosty green tea combines peppermint, cocoa and creamy white...

  • Sour Appletini

    Class up your summer soirée with this sweet, mouthpuckering green apple...

  • Lime Gelato

    A sweet, creamy blend of green tea, apple and...

  • Walnut Orange Scone

    This dainty white tea balances the warmth of walnut with the brightness of orange...

  • Moonlight White

    This exquisite white pu’erh tea is delicate and smooth, with a sweet honey...

  • Fruity Oasis

    Fruity Oasis

    With mineral-rich aloe vera, this hydrating tropical rooibos is blissfully...

  • Grapefruit Squeeze

    With hibiscus, rosehips and juicy grapefruit, this fruity tea is as fresh as it...

12 result(s)