Yerba maté is a natural stimulant hailing from South America. Known as the drink of friendship and health, maté is traditionally steeped and sipped from a shared gourd. We love it for the long-lasting energy lift it gives us – a clean, healthy boost similar to coffee or chocolate, but without the jitters. Try bright and refreshing green maté or the spicier toasted version.

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  • Organic Power Berry

    Power up with this energizing mix of maté, raspberry, black currant and...

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  • Organic Guayusa

    From the jungles of Ecuador, this super energizing herb is smooth and...

  • Electric Lemonade

    With lemon, berries and yerba mate, this tangy, energizing tea is like lemonade with a grown-up...

  • Jumpy Monkey

    This rich yerba mate blend has coffee beans, cocoa nibs and white...

  • Live Wire Lemon

    A light and lemony blend of super-energizing yaupon and...

  • Organic Queen of Tarts

    All hail the queen! This is a tart and tangy blend of guayusa and...

  • Chocolate Rocket

    Get ready for lift-off with this chocolate-raspberry yerba mate...

  • The Buzz
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    The Buzz

    This stimulating blend of ginger, matcha, maté, guarana and citrus will have you buzzing in no...

8 result(s)