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  • Double Walled Glass Latte Mug

    A beautiful double-walled glass mug, in an extra big size for your favourite tea...

  • Matcha Tea Whisk

    A traditional bamboo whisk, known as a "chasen" in...

  • The Matcha Maker Teal

    This 2-in-1 travel mug allows you to make matcha AND steep loose leaf tea on the...

  • The Modern Matcha Essentials

    We’ve given our matcha must-haves a modern twist. Includes spoon, bowl and...

  • Chantal Vintage Tea Kettle

    An enamel and stainless steel stovetop...

  • Snowdrop Perfect Tumbler 20 oz

    This red double-walled tumbler with splashproof lid is a pretty way to sip on the...

  • White Tea Press

    With its powerhouse insulator, this travel mug can make hot or iced tea in a...

  • Tea-Infused Chocolate Caramels

    A box of nine decadent chocolate covered caramels infused with our winter...

  • Organic Ceremonial Matcha

    A rare, organic stone-ground green tea that’s sweet, buttery and velvety...

9 result(s)