carrot cupcake


You know what never fails to remind us of fall? A carrot cupcake. And this sweet, creamy blend of carrot, ginger and warming cinnamon does just that.

blueberry muffin

fruit infusion

How do we like to start our mornings? With a blueberry muffin, of course. And with apple, raisins, carrot and blueberries, this sweet and slightly tart tea is the breakfast of champions.

nutty granola crunch


If you go out in the woods today, be sure to pack plenty of snacks. Like this rich and nutty blend of apple, almonds, coconut and sweet brittle. It’s like a granola bar in a cup!

pumpkin chai

black tea

This autumn treat has it all. Cinnamon and cloves, plus the sweetness of caramel and pumpkin candy.

pom cider

black tea

Take your cider game to the next level with this fruity mix of black tea, apple, fennel and a twist of pomegranate. It’s amazing hot, iced and all year round.

the great outdoors

Five limited edition teas
to cozy up to all season long.