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Rosy Pink Aladdin Tumbler

Rosy Pink Aladdin Tumbler


Stop oversteeping on the go with this stylish, leakproof travel mug.

Genie in a cup

Love steeping your tea on the go? This ingenious travel mug makes it easier than ever. Just add your tea to the basket, fill with hot water and steep as usual. When your tea is ready, there’s a little lever that raises the basket out of your tea to stop it from steeping and keep it from getting bitter. You heard us right – the perfect cup, every time. No matter where you are. No fuss, no muss, no spills. How magic is that?

Capacity: 355 ml / 12 oz.

Not dishwasher or microwave safe

How to use

Step 1
  • Remove lid and open basket.
Step 2
  • Put loose leaf tea in basket.
Step 3
  • Snap basket shut.
Step 4
  • Fill mug with hot water to the max fill line.
Step 5
  • Replace lid and use lever to lower the basket.
Step 6
  • Steep as indicated on tea’s steeping instructions.
Step 7
  • To stop steeping, flip lever to raise the basket.