tea that gives back

Introducing ME to WE India — a coconut-turmeric chai that helps bring clean water to communities in need.

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  • ME to WE India

    This luscious blend of Indian turmeric, mango and coconut isn’t just delicious hot or iced – every sip gives back...

  • ME to WE Kenya

    A tea that gives back to a developing community in...

  • ME to WE Kenya Mega Tea Tin

    A fruity tea that gives back to a developing community in...

  • Valerian Nights

    Oozing with rich caramel and coconut, this is a seriously scrumptious...

  • Lemon Cayenne Cleanse

    With tart lemon and a hint of cayenne, this is the master of all cleansing...

  • Pistachio Ice Cream

    A creamy, nutty black tea so sweet, you’ll definitely want two...

  • Sunny C

    A vibrant immune booster bursting with orange, carrot and a sunny dose of Vitamin...

  • Turmeric Glow

    Get your glow back with this brightening blend of turmeric, carrot and...

  • Sir Hops-A-Lot Colour Changing Nordic Mug

    When you add hot water to this adorable bunny mug, the design changes...

  • Lilac Dipped Nordic Mug

    Add a little springtime elegance to your sipping with this lilac-dipped tea...

  • Sir Hops-A-Lot Tea Press

    This innovative travel mug is the cutest way to steep loose leaf. No mess, just...

  • Lilac Metallic Carry Travel Mug

    Shine on the go with this beautiful BPA-free travel mug. 100%...

122 results / Page 1 of 11