Cold brew
loose leaf teas

Who knew chilling out could be so, well, cool?

  • Maximum flavour.
  • Zero bitterness.
  • Icy cold refreshment.
  • Ready to taste the difference?

Taste the cold brew difference


The DAVIDsTEA difference

Unlike our regular teas, you
don’t need hot water to extract
all the delicious flavours.

How does cold brew work?

Steeping tea in cold water extracts compounds in different ratios than hot water, giving you balanced blends that are lively, smooth and full of flavour. And our teas are the quickest cold brews in town. Whip up a pitcher in just 1½ hours at room temperature or 2 hours in the fridge – no kettle required.

Can I cold brew any tea?

Only our cold brew blends can be used to make a cold brew tea.