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Each month, a special guest from our tea community will handpick a tea they love and truly believe deserves the spotlight.

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This tea
gives back!
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cinnamon oolong

oolong tea
high caffeine

So long average oolongs! As part of our premium Garden to Cup Collection, Cinnamon Oolong is a rare, single-ingredient tea made from an innovative production process unique to Taiwan.

Once the tea is dried, it’s scented with cinnamon by applying heat. The heating process allows the essential oils of the cinnamon to bind themselves to the tea leaves. This results in a more floral and fragrant cinnamon profile, that is rarely found in a cup of traditional hot cinnamon teas.

Who doesn’t love a fun twist on a classic? We definitely do! Let this warm glow fill your cup while a cozy aroma envelops your senses.

cinnamon oolong


As the CEO of Wellnest, a BIPOC centered mental wellness brand across Canada, Sarah Ahmed aims to increase BIPOC access to culturally informed healing & community care.

“Growing up with a South Asian upbringing, spices like cinnamon were a cultural household treasure for their many benefits. Now, just a pinch of it reminds us of the comfort of our ancestral home.”


this tea gives back!

Once again, we’re partnering with the Canadian Mental Health Association, a national organization that provides ongoing mental health support to those in need.

10% of all proceeds from Cinnamon Oolong, @the.poc.therapist’s Pick of the Month, will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association. This organization offers advocacy, programs and resources to help prevent mental health problems and illnesses, while also supporting recovery and resilience. They provide services to people from all walks of life, including marginalized groups such as Indigenous and LGBTQ communities.

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