Fruity Refresh 12 Tea Sampler

Fruity Refresh 12 Tea Sampler
Fruity Refresh 12 Tea Sampler
Fruity Refresh 12 Tea Sampler
Fruity Refresh 12 Tea Sampler
Fruity Refresh 12 Tea Sampler
Fruity Refresh 12 Tea Sampler

Fruity Refresh 12 Tea Sampler


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Discover a wide variety of 12 full-bodied fruity loose leaf teas. Our online-exclusive Fruity Refresh collection was designed to instantly give you an invigorating & ultra-refreshing boost. There’s one for every taste. Find yours. Includes Caribbean Crush, Coco Mango Chai, Frozen Raspberry, Goji Green, Green Passionfruit, Hibiscus Splash, Just Beet It, Just Peachy, Magic Potion, Pomegrateful, Sunny C and White Peach.

Product Specifications

Caribbean Crush: Apple, Pineapple (pineapple, sugar), Papaya (papaya, sugar), Hibiscus, Cranberries, Artificial (strawberry, cream, red fruit) flavouring.
Coco Mango Chai: Mango (mango, sugar), Apple, Roasted coconut flakes (coconut, sugar), Pineapple (pineapple, sugar), Natural mango flavouring, Turmeric, Ginger, Hibiscus, Cardamom, Natural coconut flavouring with stevia extract, Black pepper.
Frozen Raspberry: Apple (apple, citric acid), Sugar, Raisins, Hibiscus blossoms, Carrot, Yogurt pieces (skim milk yogurt powder, sugar, maltodextrin, modified starch, citric acid), Beetroot, Artificial (raspberry, strawberry cream) flavouring, Raspberries.
Goji Green (Organic): Organic green tea, Organic rosehips, Organic orange peel, Organic hibiscus, Organic goji berries, Organic black currants, Natural and organic pomegranate flavouring, Organic raspberries, Organic stevia extract.
Green Passionfruit: Pineapple (pineapple, cane sugar, citric acid, sulfites), Green tea, Black currants, Natural passion fruit flavouring, Cornflower petals, Calendula petals, Safflower.
Hibiscus Splash: Apple pieces, Candied pineapple (pineapple, sugar), Hibiscus blossoms, Natural (cherry, berry) flavouring, Fig slices, Rose pepper, Cranberries, Cornflower blossoms, Stevia extract.
Just Beet It: Apple (apple, citric acid), Raisins, Hibiscus blossoms, Beetroot, Elderberries, Carrot, Green maté, Goji berries, Aronia berries, Natural and artificial wildberry flavouring, Blackberries, Red currants, Guarana seeds, Raspberries, Cornflower blossoms.
Just Peachy: Apple, Apple pomace (apple pomace, citric acid), Artificial peach flavouring, Sweet blackberry leaves, Peach (peach, sugar), Natural sweet blackberry leaf flavouring, Artificial apricot flavouring.
Magic Potion: Currants, Apples, Rosehips, Butterfly pea flowers, Raspberries, Natural (kiwi, blackberry, bilberry) flavouring, Blackberries, Stevia extract.
Pomegrateful: Apple (apple, citric acid), Pineapple (pineapple, sugar), Hibiscus blossoms, White tea, Natural (pomegranate, cream) flavouring, Pomegranate seeds and blossoms, Rose petals, Stevia extract.
Sunny C: Apple (apple, citric acid), Carrots, Pineapple (pineapple, sugar), Orange peel and pieces, Natural (orange, carrot) flavouring, Hibiscus blossoms, Lemon peel, Pink peppercorns, Safflower blossoms, Ascorbic acid.
White Peach: Apple, Artificial peach flavouring, White tea, Apple pomace (apple, citric acid), Artificial cream flavouring, Marigold flowers, Natural flavouring with stevia extract, Peach (peach, rice flour), Artificial apricot flavouring.
Net Weight
104 g / 3.7 oz
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