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Soft Blue Carry Travel Mug

Soft Blue Carry Travel Mug


Steep calm and carry on with this light blue travel mug with a chic textured finish.

Steep calm, carry on

We don’t want to alarm anyone, but we think we’ve created the perfect travel mug. Don’t believe us? What if we told you that it’s completely leakproof and double-walled, to keep your tea piping hot for hours on end. Or that it has a removable fine mesh infuser, plus a strainer to keep tea leaves out of every sip. Did we mention the easy-carry lid, or the hidden tea compartment? How about the big 16 oz. size? Yeah. We told you it was perfect. Designed in-house and made exclusively for DAVIDsTEA. BPA free.

Capacity: 473 mL / 16 oz.

Hand wash only, not dishwasher safe. Do not use bleach or chlorine based cleaners.
Do not microwave. Do not freeze.

How to use

Step 1
  • Remove lid and unlatch infuser.
Step 2
  • Fill infuser with tea, reattach to lid, and secure lid into place on the travel mug.
Step 3
  • Slowly pour water through the sip holes until travel mug is full.
Step 4
  • Cover with lid and steep tea as usual.
Step 5
  • Once infusion is done, remove and empty infuser.