Tie-Dye Butterfly

Tie-Dye Butterfly
Tie-Dye Butterfly
Tie-Dye Butterfly
Tie-Dye Butterfly
Refreshing & tropical – like fruit punch

Tie-Dye Butterfly


Herbal Tea

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Product Actions

15-20 cups (8 oz/240 ml) of hot tea
10-15 cups (8 oz/240 ml) of iced tea
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Feel inspired with our blissfully vibrant blend featuring hints of tropical passionfruit & eye-catching hearts and butterfly sprinkles, which symbolizes transformation and metamorphosis within the LGBTQ+ community.

What makes it great

  • Kids and adults will love sipping this caffeine-free blend iced.
  • Who doesn't like sprinkles?

Product Specifications

Apple, Apple pomace, Rosehips, Sweet blackberry leaves, Natural passion fruit flavouring, Hibiscus, Sugar sprinkles pink hearts (sugar, rice flour, cocoa butter, pectin, extracts for colour (yam, apple, radish, cherry)), Sugar sprinkles blue butterflies (sugar, rice flour, cocoa butter, pectin, grape colour extract), Sugar sprinkles yellow butterflies (sugar, rice flour, cocoa butter, pectin, beta-carotene), Citric acid, Passion fruit granules (glucose syrup, passion fruit juice concentrate, apricot pulp, modified starch, sodium alginate), Artificial passion fruit flavouring, Pink cornflower blossoms.
Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts
Product No.


1-2 Perfect Spoonfuls of tea
475 ml (16 oz) of 95/200 water for hot tea or 295 ml (10 oz) for iced
Steep for 5+ minutes
Sip hot or top with ice for iced tea