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  • Citron Oolong

    A refreshing blend of oolong, jasmine flowers and lemon...

  • Nutty Granola Crunch

    Feeling nutty? Reach for this tasty rooibos with almonds, coconut and...

  • Chocolate Covered Almond

    With sweet cocoa and almonds, this rich black tea tastes just like the classic...

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  • Nutty and Spice

    With fruit, nuts and spices, this warming oolong is a comforting holiday...

  • Organic Chai & Mighty

    A rich blend of warm spices, with a sweet hint of licorice root and...

  • Goji Pop

    A juicy, refreshing blend of apple, hibiscus and super-healthy goji...

  • Melon Drop

    Looking for a fresh new way to sweeten up your spring? This fruity blend of honeydew melon, kiwi and papaya is as...

  • Organic Orange Passionfruit

    Your favourite OJ just got a tropical upgrade, thanks to a touch of passion...

  • Fruity Oasis

    With mineral-rich aloe vera, this hydrating tropical rooibos is blissfully...

  • Sour Appletini

    Class up your summer soirée with this sweet, mouthpuckering green apple...

  • Tea the North

    Taste the great white north with this refreshing coconut and watermelon white...

  • Sour Watermelon

    Get ready to pucker up with this refreshingly tart and juicy watermelon...

26 results / Page 1 of 3