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  • Berry Romantic

    A romantic strawberries-and-cream tea, strewn with pretty flower petals.

  • Coconut Cream Pie

    A decadent oolong with toasted coconut, white chocolate and cane sugar.

  • The Skinny

    With pu'erh, ginger, eleuthero and oolong, it's the ultimate digestive aid.

  • Vanilla Orchid

    Premium Huang Jin Gui oolong with a creamy touch of vani...

  • Citron Oolong

    A refreshing blend of oolong, jasmine flowers and lemon myrtle.

  • Oolong Supreme

    A uniquely roasty oolong with notes of ripe plum and shea butter.

  • Guangzhou Milk Oolong

    A luxuriously creamy blend of oolong and all-natural milk flavouring.

  • Happy Kombucha

    A blend of oolong, mango, pineapple and powdered kombucha.

  • Ruby Oolong

    With notes of ripe plum, caramelized apple and quince, this unique oolong brews well...

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  • Long Life Oolong

    A hydrating peach oolong with sweet apricots and crunchy almond slices.

  • Tie Kwan Yin

    This classic oolong is grassy, vegetal and fresh.

11 result(s)