Black tea leaves are fully oxidized before they’re fired, meaning they’re exposed to oxygen until the leaves darken. This gives them a stronger, sweeter, more full-bodied flavour. Maybe that’s what makes rich blends like Earl Grey and Orange Pekoe so popular. Whether you love ‘em with milk and sugar or savour them straight-up, we’ve got the blend for you.

Black teas

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  • Organic Cream of Earl Grey

    A creamy twist on the classic Earl Grey, with a rich hint of vanilla...

  • Organic Earl Grey

    This classic blend combines black tea with premium oil of...

  • Organic Saigon Chai

    Black tea with Saigon cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and...

  • Organic La la lemon

    Black tea studded with orange peel and natural orange and lemon...

  • Organic Nepal Black

    These bold, smooth leaves have a delicious hint of...

  • Organic Jasmine Black Pearls

    Black pearls, black jasmine teas and Chinese black teas are all extremely...

6 result(s)