• organic
    ✓ On a Matcha Matsu base from Japan
    ✓ Focus-boosting L-theanine
    ✓ Tastes amazing on ice
    One in a melon. This nostalgic matcha features sweet & juicy watermelon with energizing matcha. So good, just one sip will have you beaming.
  • why we love
    •  High in antioxidants & L-theanine 
    •  Easy to make (and love) 
    •  Jitter-free boost of energy 
    •  Less caffeine than a cup o’ joe 
  • how to:
    make a
    matcha latte
    1. Measure your matcha
    2. Add warm water and make a paste
    3. Whisk to create froth
    4. Top off with milk