the gift of choice

Ah, gift cards! Who doesn’t love them? They can be used at any DAVIDsTEA location to buy fabulous products, gifts and tea to go. And now, you can redeem them at for anything you’d like. Please note that cards aren’t redeemable for cash, and can’t be replaced if lost or stolen.

give a gift card

To find out the balance of a card click here!

how do i pay with my gift card online?

Select “Gift Card” as your payment type

Enter the card number and click “Validate”

Confirm the amount you’d like to pay with your gift card and click “Continue”

Review your order and click “Place My Order”

how can i check my balance on my gift card?

From the gift card page, check your gift card balance by entering the card number in the space provided.

can i collect frequent steeper points when purchasing a gift card?

No. You can only collect Frequent Steeper points when redeeming a gift card. Points are not given to those who purchase a gift card. They can only be assigned when the gift card is used.

can i use my gift card with a credit card or paypal?

Yes, you can use a gift card in combination with a credit card or PayPal. Just be sure to enter your gift card information before using your credit card or PayPal.

can i use multiple gift cards?

Yes, you can redeem as many gift cards as you’d like!

Can I use my Canadian gift card in the U.S., or vice versa?

Yes! But please note that the exchange rate will be applied to the amount of your gift card purchase. Your gift card balance reflects which country your card was purchased in. For example, a card bought in the U.S. will be in USD, but if it is redeemed in Canada, the exchange rate will be applied to the amount of the purchase.

Can I reload my gift card?

No, our gift cards are not re-loadable. Once you’ve used up your gift card balance, you cannot add more money to it.

Can I return an order when I use a gift card and/or a credit card?

Of course! We're truly sorry if anything or your order didn't totally knock your socks off. If you aren't satisfied with any item in your order, please call us at 1-855-702-3006 or email us at A refund will be issued on the credit card for the exact amount with that payment method. Please note that if you paid for your order with a gift card, we will create a new gift card and send it to you when we receive your return.
Please note that online orders cannot be returned in store.

My balance doesn’t seem right. What can I do?

Make sure you check your balance from the correct country. If something still doesn’t seem right, please call us at 1-855-702-3006 or email us at You can also view the history of your gift card usage here.