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Chai tea benefits

Chai is packed with traditional feel-good spices hailed in Ayurvedic medicine for their health benefits, from digestion-loving cardamom and cold-soothing ginger to focus-enhancing cinnamon. For a powerhouse chai that'll make you feel amazing, reach for these five popular super spices — ginger, black pepper, maple sugar, cinnamon and cloves.

New fall-ready chai teas

  • Maple Chai

    A quintessentially Canadian treat. This spiced maple chai is peppered with premium black tea, cinnamon, ginger and a sprinkling of maple sugar.

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  • David’s Chai

    With traditional chai spices like cardamom, ginger cinnamon and clove, this organic spiced black tea blend with flavour-forward notes of sweet star anise is our unique twist on the classic masala chai.

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Our bestsellers

  • S’mores Chai

    Our tempting pu’erh tea adds an extra dash of cinnamon to the campfire classic, so it’s rich, warming and packed with fudgy goodness.

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  • Pumpkin Chai

    This rich premium black tea is the perfect way to kick off the season. It’s got all the warmth of cinnamon and cloves, plus the sweetness of caramel and pumpkin candy.

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    Customer reviews — see what else everyone is loving.

  • cinnamon rooibos chai

    3 months ago

    "The best bedtime chai!
    Very yummy. I steeped for an extra long time and topped with frothed warm milk - perfect chai flavor and sleep promoter."

    – Iswald

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  • s’mores chai

    3 months ago

    This tea is delicious with milk or cream — makes a nice light snack."

    – Megan

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  • saigon chai

    7 days ago

    "Must try this chai!
    Bold, spicy and very warming. Perfect with brown sugar and steamed milk."

    – Macchiato

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Want to learn more about the chai tea? We’ve rounded up a few answers to help you get started.

What is chai tea?

Ready to discover everything you never knew you needed to know about chai tea? Well first, calling it “chai tea” is redundant because the word “chai” means “tea.” What we think of as chai came about when people in India started adding black tea to masala — a hot spiced beverage traditionally sipped for its cleansing properties — and masala chai (aka “spiced tea”) was born. Travel to India or Pakistan today and you’ll find this flavourful brew being sipped everywhere – at street stands, in shops, on trains and even in rickshaws.

What makes chai so comforting?

It’s traditionally made up of four main components: tea, milk, sugar and, of course, tons of feel-good spices.

What are the benefits of chai tea?

Although tradition calls for a strong full-bodied black tea base, the most common being Assam, we believe chai tastes amazing with almost any tea type – from pu’erh to green tea to rooibos.

What ingredients & spices are found in chai tea?

Chai is made with a variety of fresh herbs and spices, the most common being cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and pepper. Many families have their own signature recipes, with ingredients varying from region to region, household to household. Some will have an extra hint of fennel or coriander, while others may have subtle notes of star anise or nutmeg.


We love using creamy, silky, rich whole milk to help bring out the richness in the spices. Of course, you can make a chai with almost any milk you like — hot or cold, lactose-free or plant-based. That’s the beauty of chai — everyone has their own recipe, and no two chais are the same.


Got a sweet tooth? Then you’re already on your way to loving chai. In Southeast Asia, unrefined sugar called “jaggery” is often used to give this deliciously spicy brew a deep sweetness. But don’t worry if you don’t have it in your pantry: maple syrup, white sugar, brown sugar, agave and even coconut or cane sugar are all great ways to sweeten your chai.


Bright, peppery and warming, this popular wonder root adds an extra boost of cozy to some of our fave chais. Plus, it’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to ward off cold weather and settle upset tummies.

Green Cardamom

These exotic little pods are loved for their soothing flavours and aromas — from sweet, spicy and citrusy to floral and peppery, with hints of eucalyptus. They’ve been hailed as a breath freshener and digestive aid — perfect after a heavy meal.

Black Pepper

Bring on the heat! Pepper’s sharp and spicy flavour is what makes rich, creamy chais extra warming during the fall and winter seasons. It adds a lively zip and subtle pop of heat that never fail to get our taste buds tingling.


This super spice is the epitome of comfort thanks to its delicate sweetness and warmth. Bonus: it’s also said to have natural skin-brightening and focus-enhancing powers. If that isn’t super, we don’t know what is.


Cloves are like powerful little flavour bombs. They’re strong, sweet and slightly bitter, so when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of chai, a little goes a long way. Plus they’re known for their amazing soothing properties. No wonder we feel so relaxed after a cup!


Traditionally used to soothe stomach issues and aid digestion, fennel seeds are sweet, fragrant and just a little piney — the perfect refresher after a heavy meal. Considered auspicious in Ayurveda, they’re also known to have antibacterial properties.

Star Anise

Besides looking super cool, star anise is known for aiding digestion, helping to quell nausea and giving Chinese five-spice powder its signature flavour. Its intensely sweet and warming licorice flavour shines through beautifully in some of our favourite chais.