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36oz Steeper


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Glass & Ceramic Tea for One

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It's Magic

The easiest way to make tea. Just let it steep then sit it on top of your cup. How does this superwow accessory work? Like a teapot. Except the clear, BPA-free plastic lets you watch as your tea steeps. And when you're ready to sip, just place the steeper right on your cup. You'll feel a rush as the weight magically opens a valve, and your infused tea flows out through a specially-designed filtration system. Then, when you lift the steeper, the valve closes automatically. It just might be the neatest, coolest way to steep.

Capacity: 1 L / 36 oz.

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How to use

Step 1
  • Place tea leaves directly inside The Steeper.
Step 2
  • Pour hot water over tea leaves.
Step 3
  • Steep as usual.
Step 4
  • Put The Steeper on top of your cup and watch the tea magically pour out.


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