The Winter Collection

Go ahead – indulge

Don’t ask us why, but winter and sweets just go hand in hand. Which is why we’ve loaded this collection with the decadent flavours of chocolate, cake, nuts and spices. Alpine Punch is a sweet, marzipan-scented rooibos blend. Choconut Oolong is inspired by chocolate-hazelnut spread. Coffee Cake blends black tea and candied fruit for the ultimate afternoon snack. Spiced Fig tastes just like an old fashioned figgy pudding. And White Chocolate Frost blends frosty peppermint with creamy white chocolate. Together they make for the ultimate guilt-free indulgence.

what's inside

Alpine Punch (25g)
Choconut Oolong (25g)
Coffee Cake (25g)
Spiced Fig (25g)
White Chocolate Frost (25g)
20 tea filters