Special Collections

    • all things

      Teas to pump you up. When it comes to pumpkin, you definitely can't have too much of a good thing.

      all things
    • organic

      Better for the planet and great for you. That must be why they taste so good…and why we feel so good drinking for them.

    • fair trade

      Like you needed another reason to love our teas…we’re proud to say these have been certified by Fair Trade USA.

      fair trade
    • kosher teas

      We are proud to offer over 90 teas certified as kosher by Montreal Kosher – and we’re always looking to add more. L’chaim!

      kosher teas
    • chocolate teas

      Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth like a rich, sweet chocolate tea. So next time a craving hits, all you have to do is fire up the kettle.

      chocolate teas
    • Halloween

      From “back from the dead” teas to spooky black cat mugs, we’ve got everything you need for all your ghoulish Halloween festivities…

    • cold fighting

      It’s official: cold season is in full swing. But don’t worry. We’ve got just the ticket: a great collection of cold fighting teas, accessories and more. Those sniffles don’t stand a chance.

      cold fighting
    • chaï

      Spicy, sweet warm and comforting – nothing beats a good cup of chai. Except maybe two cups...

    • detox teas

      Got a New Year’s resolution to fulfill? Find just the right blend to get you feeling refreshed and restored.

      detox teas