Kenyan Tinderet

Medium caffeine

African splendour

Discover this rare tea from the Tinderet Estate in the highlands of Kenya’s Rift Valley. ‘Tinderet’ means ‘Place of Lightning’, and the afternoons often see flashes of lightning after a morning of sun. So consider yourself warned: this rich and satisfying tea can leave you thunderstruck. Most connoisseurs drink it as a little luxury after a good meal. With its strong, earthy flavour and light honey notes, we recommend trying it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And dessert. And your midnight snack. (MK Kosher)


Black tea from the Tinderet Estate in Kenya.

Nutritional Fact Table

Nutritional fact table / Tableau de la valeur nutritive


United States


How to prepare

Steeping Quantity
1 tsp
4-7 min