Jessie's Tea (Organic)

Caffeine free

Wish you had Jessie’s Tea

Let’s face it, we all get stressed out sometimes. But everyone seems to have a different way of dealing with it. Some people relax with a hot bath. Others go for aromatherapy. And if you’re anything like us, you reach for a sweet treat. But this pretty, soothing tea is a little bit of all three. It’s got soothing rooibos to warm you up. Fragrant lavender to help you unwind. And creamy coconut to satisfy any craving. It’s like having your own personal spa. (MK Kosher).


Organic: Rooibos, honeybush, coconut, lavender, cornflowers. With natural coconut flavouring*.
Allergens: Coconut
*For flavouring information, consult our FAQ.

Nutritional Fact Table

Nutritional fact table / Tableau de la valeur nutritive


United States


How to prepare

Steeping Quantity
1.25 tsp
4-7 min