glass perfect mug

With infuser and lid

So what makes this mug so perfect? Well, aside from being the perfect size and shape, it comes with a fine, stainless steel infuser that fits right into it. Plus it has a lid, the ultimate tea-steeping accessory. Lids keep all the aroma and heat in the cup, for an even better tea experience. And when you’re done steeping, just use the lid as a little plate for the infuser – how perfect is that? Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe, except for metal infuser. (Capacity: 355ml/12oz)

how to use

  1. Spoon tea into stainless steel infuser.
  2. Place infuser in perfect mug.
  3. Add hot water over tea leaves , cover cup with lid, and steep as usual.
  4. Remove infuser and empty contents after infusion, or use lid as a coaster.