Ginseng Oolong

Medium caffeine

Ginseng for joy

At first sight, this ginseng-coated tea looks more like moss-covered pebbles than tea leaves. And it tastes just as wonderfully weird as it looks: rich and crisp with a hint of shea butter and a sweet ginseng flavour that lingers long after each sip. Plus oolong and ginseng are two of Chinese medicine’s favourite ingredients – you’re basically one cup away from being a superhero. Try it “gung fu” style, by steeping the leaves multiple times. Every cup is a completely new experience. (MK Kosher)


Oolong tea from Fujian Province in China, ginseng.

Nutritional Fact Table

Nutritional fact table / Tableau de la valeur nutritive


United States


How to prepare

Steeping Quantity
1.25 tsp
4-7 min