Cotton Candy

Caffeine free

Fluff love

Some people call it fairy floss. Others go for spun sugar. We like the classic “cotton candy.” But whatever you want to call it, we can all agree on one thing: it’s seriously delicious and ridiculously fun. And this tea was developed with our favourite carnival treat in mind. It combines nut brittle, candied mango and cotton candy sprinkles with a smooth, sweet base of green rooibos. The result? All the fun and flavour of the real thing, at next to no calories. It’s a carnival in a cup.


Green rooibos, sprinkles, mango, brittle, natural and artificial flavouring*.

Contains hazelnut and sulfites

*For flavouring information consult our FAQ.

  Nutritional Fact Table

Nutritional fact table / Tableau de la valeur nutritive




United States


How to prepare

Steeping Quantity
1.25 tsp
4-7 min