Burgundy Timolino
(12 oz)

Undercover overachiever

Ah, Timolino. A design so slim and stylish you’d never guess its stainless steel walls conceal pure functionality. There’s the removable infuser, perfect for steeping loose or bagged tea. And the vacuum-sealed double walls keep tea warm or cold for hours. So light, you can toss it in your bag and never feel it. There’s even a hidden compartment under the lid to store loose tea. Secret’s out…(capacity: 12 oz/380 ml)
BPA and latex free.

how to use

1) Remove lid and unlatch infuser
2) Fill infuser with tea, reattach to lid, and secure lid into place on the thermos
3) Slowly pour water through the sip holes until thermos is full
4) Cover with lid and steep tea as usual
5) Once infusion is done, remove and empty infuser