Bollywood Chai

Low caffeine

Mumbai’s the word

They’re colourful. They’re over the top. In a word, they’re epic. Nothing can quite compare to the sheer energy of Bollywood films. But we’ve tried to at least do them justice with this lively, colourful chai. It’s a delicately sweet black tea blend with all the warm, comforting flavour of a fresh spice cake. Not to mention the fun, vibrant pop of candy-coated fennel seeds, a classic Indian breath freshener. It’ll have you singing and dancing with the Bollywood greats in no time.


Black tea, fennel candy, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, pink peppercorns, natural flavouring*.
*For flavouring information consult our FAQ.

Nutritional Fact Table

Nutritional fact table / Tableau de la valeur nutritive


United States


How to prepare

Steeping Quantity
1.25 tsp
4-7 min