About Us

Keyora's award-winning Webfoot® e-Business Platform has been designed to provide mid-market and enterprise organizations using Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and Dynamics™ GP with a seamless, real-time e-Business environment that takes all the rich customer and item content from Dynamics™ and presents it to your customers, employees and trading partners in a common browser format, ready for purchase. No matter what your requirements, it is our goal to provide you with a scalable solution that you will never outgrow.

Our Vision

To provide organizations using Microsoft Dynamics® AX and Dynamics® GP with the ability to implement a world-class, fully integrated e-Business platform that extends the rich functionality of their back office solution to an online self-service web portal.

The ultimate goal of our efforts will be to maximize the number of customers converting to a self-service model, allowing our clients to experience unparalleled business efficiency and optimum return on investment.

Our Approach

Building a long term strategic partnership with each one of our clients takes time, attention and consistent performance from the first meeting long into the future. Keyora prides itself on having one of the highest client retention rates in the industry. We achieve this by ensuring that we spend sufficient time on each engagement to gain an in-depth understanding of our client's business so that we can then recommend best-practice approaches that fit each situation.

We search out the market for organizations that share this same viewpoint!

Ideal Customer Profile

Finding the right fit between partners is key to a successful, long term relationship. For us, that means finding clients that have a long term strategic vision who want to revolutionize their business model by implementing a world-class on-line experience for their customers and trading partners. That is where our products can have maximum effect. Here are just a few of the other characteristics many of our clients share:

Our Quality Commitment

Our Professional Services Group's mandate is simple: To provide our clients with what they have asked for, ON TIMEON BUDGET and ERROR-FREE. If we can achieve that with each and every project, then we will have earned the trust, respect and loyalty of our clients. For a customer service-oriented organization like Keyora, that is the ultimate prize.

This philosophy permeates every aspect of our day-to-day activities. To ensure the highest level of quality, we put each one of our projects through a meticulous quality assurance testing phase that identifies, documents and corrects any outstanding design issues. No less than three individuals thoroughly test each system to ensure that the finished product runs smoothly and follows the business requirements as outlined in the Functional Requirements Document prepared at the beginning of the project.

Keyora also offers a comprehensive warranty on all our implementations, ensuring that you are protected long after your site goes live. To supplement this warranty, Keyora has full-time support desk personnel who are always there to assist our clients as they adjust to the new systems and business processes. Our job is to ensure that your new site is a huge success in the eyes of your customers and trading partners.